Exile Coffee produces high quality fresh roasted coffee for North Cyprus. Coffee has a long history in Cyprus. When coffee became a popular product in the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century, it also made its way to Cyprus. The tradition of “Turkish coffee” became a pillar of Cypriot culture in both the Greek and Turkish communities. Today, drinking coffee in that style continues to be an expression of unity on the island. In addition to Turkish coffee, espresso beverages have made their way into Cypriot culture, with hundreds of cafes serving espresso drinks in North Cyprus. And today, the influence of the specialty coffee movement is impacting the market in Cyprus with filtered coffee and a variety of brewing techniques. Exile Coffee roasts specialty-grade coffee to the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association. We source our coffee from a variety of regions globally.  Some of our recent offerings include Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Papua New Guinea Sigri Plantation AA, Kenya AA, and Brazil Fazenda Dona Nenem Yellow Bourbon. We also work to ensure that we have reliable and consistent blends for Turkish coffee, espresso, and filter coffee. We roast our coffee in small batches on a unique custom deigned and built roaster. Our coffee roasting machine, which we lovingly call Nebuchadnezzar, is loaded and turned manually by our roaster and his team. We roast our coffee in the village of Kumyali on the rural Karpaz peninsula of North Cyprus.

Our Roaster

Ryan Keating moved to Turkey from the United States and, in 2010, started a coffee company which grew to open shops in three locations before he moved to Cyprus in 2017. Ryan is a certified roaster and barista with training from the Specialty Coffee Association’s Academy of Coffee Excellence in Williamsburg, Virginia.  With seven years of experience in coffee and coffee training, he has helped to equip men and women who are serving the coffee industry all over the world.

Coffee for Cyprus

We exist to be a blessing to Cyprus and its peoples: We demonstrate a commitment to excellence, producing high quality products and contributing to the good reputation of business on the island. We commit to working with integrity, serving as examples to our neighbors and maintaining an uncompromising ethical standard. We cultivate an environment of health, investing in the personal and professional growth of our teammates and our customers. As our business grows, our capacity to benefit the economy and quality of living in Cyprus also increases.